Tai Chi for

Inner Peace

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It is a very busy world.  When we are feeling sick or injured, the world seems to run past us even faster. 

Not feeling capable is full of it's stresses and difficult emotions.  Tai Chi can provide a sense of soothing that is so helpful in the rehabilitation process.


There is not one drug that can increase the function of the parasympathetic nervous system, but Tai Chi can.

The Parasympathetic Nervous system helps activate the body's inner healing resources.  This function is part of the magic of Tai Chi.

These practices will help you calm and center yourself, even if you have struggled with meditation in the past!

Tai Chi gently integrates movement and meditation for whole body healing.


Tai Chi for Rehabilitation

Accelerated Healing beyond Western Medicine

Tai Chi for Balance

You may have seen Tai Chi before in a park or in a movie - it looks like slow, fluid martial arts type dance.

It is these slow and considerate movements that Harvard Medical School calls "The Best Exercise for Balance"


Tai Chi is easy to do, soothing, and can help you see incredible improvements in your balance... people oftentimes see considerable changes in under two months.

Tai Chi is adaptable to you.  This balance work begins with both feet firmly on the ground... and can even be started from sitting.  

Tai Chi can help improve your quality of life - providing a sense of calm, improved balance, greater daily functions, and reduced pain..., no matter what stage you are at, these age old practices can help you feel younger.

No matter where you are on your healing journey, Tai Chi practice can help improve your quality of life. 

People often report feeling benefits after only one class.  Over time, this benefit accumulates.


Tai Chi can help people rehabilitate after serious injury or surgery.

That is my story... Tai Chi helped me recover from a serious back injury.

Consistent Tai Chi practice helps soothe the central nervous system, which helps ease Anxiety, decreases Arthritis pain, and helps recalibrate the body so that you come away feeling relaxed and energized.